About Qanurli

This fall, APTN’s Inuit language comedy series returns for an explosive season 5. Our four heroes deal with hilarious and offbeat situations from having a mine open up shop beside their tent to a wild space adventure! Their search for a missing piece of technology needed to start up their own Inuit television network leads them to many problems and also has them meeting more friends (and foes) than ever before!

The Cast

Inuk Qallunaaq

Inuk can be called a dreamer. He’s always had a clear idea of what he wanted to accomplish. The hard part for Inuk, of course, is in the actual trying to follow his dreams part. He’s not very skilled at much, including broadcasting, not getting fired and pet-keeping, but he has a positive outlook on life (most of the time) and keeps getting up no matter how many times he falls.

Nipangi Huittuq

He comes from a long and proud line of Huittuqs that include great and popular Huittuqs such as Haalau Huittuq the great champion and Ajjiru Huittuq The Stubborn. He fits in his clan, as a popular figure in mainstream media, through his work with Show, as the Most Interesting Man in Nunavut and his band Arctic Dragons. Though he seems vain and a bit of a narcissist on the outside, he is actually a soft and caring fellow who will always be there for his friends.

Uu Putuguu

She’s the hard worker. Always on top of things and always knows how to solve a problem. She once worked for large companies with corporate goals and found she didn’t like that when she started working with Inuk and Nipangi at INNI Co. Now she chooses to work with people who she believes in and shares a vision with. She is one of two twins and three triplets.

Aa Putuguu

She’s a wild card. No one really knows what Aa will do next except for Aa herself. She is emotional and strong-willed. Secretly, she is a huge fan of hockey and a little less secretly loves musk-ox burgers. Aa has a dark past but is working hard on keeping all that in the past. Like Uu, she is one of two twins and one of three triplets.

Hiccup (Neil Suraqti)

Neil Suraqti the third, esquire, has doctorates in Video Capture Theory and Robotics. He once spent an entire summer in the deserts of Arizona in complete silence, except for the occasional hiccup. He recently got a bed. Neil is usually quiet and keeps to himself but is always available to help wherever he can.

The Team


Thomas Anguti Johnston, Joshua Qaumariaq, Vinnie Karetak & Stacey Aglok MacDonald. 

The Qanurli Crew is an all Inuit team based out of Iqaluit, Nunavut. Together they write, produce, direct and edit the Qanurli series. The team has produced improv and video workshops for youth, a live current affairs show and a Nunavut travel series. They are well positioned within Nunavut’s arts and business scene and have collaborated with ArtCirq, Mahaha Comedy, The Grizzlies Teen Acting Workshop and various community events across the territory.

Qanukiaq Studios is a 100% Inuit owned television, film and media arts company based in Iqaluit, Nunavut. They specialize in live-action comedy and drama television and stories. Television series are a high priority for Qanukiaq Studios as it provides the most consistent opportunities for industry training and strategic development of the film industry in Nunavut as well as ongoing storytelling opportunities.

The Bizable Media team works with creative producers and other rights holders to facilitate, finance, manage and deliver exceptional screen-based content. Our clients are passionate creators working in all forms of content from documentary to drama to webseries and apps. We support our clients’ projects with our deep industry knowledge, our relationships and our commitment to efficiency and thoroughness.